How to know if they're a real spell caster

Having a spell done for you is something most people haven’t done a thousand times in life. It’s something you only do when you really need to. So I expect to get questions from people that come to me- in fact I’m more surprised and wary when I don’t! 

The question comes up a lot more than others though, so I thought I’d address it here.

How to avoid spell casting scams and fake spell casters

With the use of the internet its easier than ever before for magic practitioners to spread the word about their gift. Which also makes it a lot harder to tell those genuine apart from those that aren’t. But there are some fool proof ways to ascertain whether or not the spell caster you’re looking to use is the real deal. 

‘Payment after result’

I’ve had a lot of clients tell me horror stories about this one. It’s very clever and preys on most peoples desire to see a result before paying, and that’s why it works. The scam caster advertises their services and offers to take payment after result, of which the aim is to generate lots of responses. Once you’re in contact with them, they then tell you they DO in fact expect money upfront, but for a a talisman / expenses/ a gift to the spirits etc, and that you can chose to donate to them whatever you wish for their services AFTER you see results. You don’t see results, but the caster has already got your payment they needed and you never hear from them again. 

Genuine spell casters never falsely advertise. They state what they expect in return for their service when asked, and don’t change it at a later point. 



Not all casters have a website, but the ones that do strive to make sure their prospective customers are informed. A website of a real spell caster will be content rich, as they’ll be eager to share information with you and cover any questions. A website with just a contact number/ email and a few testimonials thrown up is usually a bad sign.

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